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  • AMV BBDO commissions 3 national lottery commercials

    We have recently directed a series of  typography tv commercials spots for the National Lottery. The new work will use real winners’ responses to winning life-changing prizes, as well as providing surprising, fun facts about winning – using Camelot’s huge bank of winner data. Agency: AMV BBDO Client: Camelot Creatives: Micheal Hughes & Dalatando Almeida Production Company:…

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  • Bobby Moore Fund, Cancer Research Uk & EEF

    Former England stars David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville, John Terry, Michael Owen and David James have joined forces with the current national squad to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the England Footballers Foundation and support the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK and their ‘Moore To Know’ campaign. #MooreToKnow…

  • BBC One Christmas 2016

    We have created a bright orange look for BBC One out of textured paper, intricate hand drawn animations and scripted fonts. This works around the channel’s brand campaign of ‘Oneness’ celebrating everyday life during the festive season. Client  BBC One Marketing,             Agency BBC Creative

  • BBC 2 Dart ID

    We have had the pleasure of doing a new ident for BBC2 to mark the start of the 2016 Darts world championships. This time the poor ‘2’ is subjected to few near misses from world champion darts players. Client  BBC 2 Marketting, Agency BBC Creative

  • Britain’s Pompeii : A Village lost in time

    Our full 3d visualization of environments, maps & builds for the major Must Farm dig that has discovered an intact bronze age village in the Fenlands. Britain’s Pompeii : A Village Lost in Time Directed and Produced by Sarah Jobling Animation and Vfx  Vincent Studios 360 Production for the BBC & PBS  


    In our New Year Blips for BBC One, we replace the ‘O’ with some great little 3D animations, adding a little humour to an otherwise gloomy winter month.

  • Spectre UI GX design

    UI GX design and creative direction for the latest Bond movie Spectre.

  • 24 Live Another Day

    #JacksBack, check out our UI design and animations with the launch of the new season of #24LiveAnotherDay Production- Fox Network Creative Lead  Simon Staines @ UC24

  • FMX 2014

    Vincent does speakers workshop on #2dCharacter integration in 3D animation #MAXONC4D at #vfx wrld conf