Vincent is a design and animation studio based in Soho, London. We work closely with some of the world’s leading brands in gaming, film & television to create award winning campaigns, cinematics, branding & VFX.

John Hill

John began his career in the film industry as an art director designing VFX shots, title sequences, UI graphics and pre-vis for feature films including Quantum of Solace, Thunderbirds, Bourne Supremacy, Terminator 3, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Spy Game, Bourne Supremacy, G-Force, and Prometheus. To view his is IMDB URL click here.

He now creatively directs a wide scope of projects in film, commercials, tv branding, digital media and games consoles for clients such as Orange, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, BBC Network, ITV, UBS, Guardian and MTV. He is experienced with Mo Cap, green screen, live action direction, 2D/3D stereoscopic animation, pre-vis and VFX. Apart from his strong design and technology background his work has received international recognition for its clean and creative ideas which is the core strength of Vincent’s portfolio.

Rheea Aranha

Rheea is a multi-award winning motion graphics designer and branding specialist. She initially started her career in channel branding where she worked on some of the largest terrestrial and cable rebrands in Europe for BBC One, BBC 2, ITV, ITV SPORT, NED1,2,3 and FilmFour. She brings a unique understanding of core design, technology and visual strategy to a project which has allowed her work to expand into other platforms such as PS3/4 games, social networking and Film titles/UI Design.

Rheea has built up a great body of award winning work on the BBC channels through a long and highly creative collaboration with BBC marketing and RedBee media. Awards include multiple Promax Gold, Silver and Bronze, D&AD, Design week gold and an RSA. As a founding member of Vincent she believes in strong collaborations with our clients and a mutual trust when building inventive ideas, this has kept the studio forward thinking and visually cutting edge.

Nathan McGuinness

Following his dreams to become a filmmaker at a very young age, Nathan has carved his own path, building an incredible body of work along the way.
In his mid 20’s Nathan created the iconic VFX house ASYLUM,  which he developed from a 3-man operation into a 450 seat, award winning VFX company. Nathan then went on to take the role of Creative Director at the Oscar Wining VFX house Double Negative, bringing his unique vision and energy to the company to develop their operations on a global level.
In addition to being an Oscar Nominee and BAFTA Winner for his excellence as a Creative Director/VFX Supervisor, he has spent many years as a Director of commercials and title sequences. Nathan’s client list spans the globe and includes US Bank, BMW, Nintendo and Boeing as well as every major studio in Hollywood.

Justin Blampied

Justin began his career in music television branding in the UK, before moving to Los Angeles. He has designed more than 20 title sequences and led numerous film projects in UI design. From Planet of the Apes, Terminator, Down with Love and the Shallows through to commercial Art Direction for Nintendo, Nokia, Hyundai and Pontiac. He prides himself on versatility, at home with both linear design and handcrafted illustration.
Now back in the UK, Justin has embellished his love of storytelling by becoming a published author.