Frostbite Branding

Game Engine branding

Frostbite Branding

Rebrand concept and design for the latest evolution of EA’s powerful, multi-platform game engine Frostbite.

Retaining the heritage of the original hand iconography, the new look branding enhances the collaborative innovation behind the platform and the development of both the immersive and interactive experiences of the players.  The organic frosted layering symbolises the human led and future-facing nature of the brand in game engine technology, echoing the ethos and mission statement behind Frostbite: to empower creators to shape the future of gaming.

Frostbite is the preferred game engine used in most of their AAA games including the new FC24.   Frostbite is the core piece of EA’s one-team strategy; through the sharing of technology between studios and creating a shared language for EA developers.

We wanted the new hand logo to represent the connection point between artist and machine.  Our solve was to design a simple hand imprint on the computer screen made from precision optical lenses.  This optical nuance of the curved  lenses embody the picture making process and focus on next level technology.   The brand idea allows is also designed for cutomisation and has been specifically designed for flexability whilst retaining strong brand continuity and presence.

We created core animations using a combination of: Hand drawn design, Maxon C4D, Houdini, with Redshift and Octane renderers, X Particles by Insydium and adaptive inspiration from the Adobe suite – with pre AI – machine learning creative tools.


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