Main-on-end title design, Main title design, Conning tower emblems, concept work.

After working on the film for more than 2 years during post production as design consultants and VFX concept artists, we are delighted to see the release of the final picture. During this creative process we worked closely with the Director and post production supervisor developing a wide scope of VFX shots and graphic concepts for the film. 

Here is the MOE title sequence and some card selects.

We wanted the treatment & design to reflect the heavy, mechanical nuances of wartime technology and crafted optics of instrumentation – moving away from a very clean CG approach and confining ourselves to making hand made imagery & cataloging. The animation tempo needed to feel like a human operated machine or someone trawling through military records or microfiche files. The beautiful score sets an emotive tone and is quite special.

We also designed the U-Boat conning tower emblems to help the audience differentiate between the U-Boats and follow the narrative flow as well as the interstitial Watch Cards to log time passed and represent a count down to safety for the ship convoy.

Also some of the Locals & Ship ID’s we designed.

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